05 October 2012


In addition to being the most annoying question toddlers ask (I've got a stack of nephews, so I'm pretty sure it's the worst one), it's also an interesting idea as pertains to this blog - namely, why I'm still posting on here when nobody else is and nobody's reading it, either.  I guess it has to do with the fact that I'm a terrible lazyarse, and if I don't have something scheduled and expected, it often doesn't happen.  So these silly posts that I'm hurling into the endless internet ether are my way of ensuring that I'm writing SOMETHING, on some kind of schedule.

They may not be terrible profound posts - in fact, I'm bordering on the banal here - but it's still me fulfilling what I see as an obligation, and stringing together a bunch of words in an intelligible (if not always intelligent) order.  I see how some of my students and even coworkers are incapable of producing properly formatted written content, and I gnash my teeth and fear for printed communication.  And I'm determined not to devolve into textspeak and abbreviations at inappropriate times - hell, I've been known to use semi-colons when texting, and not just in winking emoticons, either.

So there.  That's why I'm still churning out a few handfuls of words, every ten days or so, whether anyone is paying attention or not.  And here I am explaining it to that invisible audience.  Could be worse.


writing and living by Richard P Hughes said...

I'm no expert on blogging, but I do know that if you don't write anything, or don't write anything of interest to others, people aren't going to read it. In your descriptions of the Burrowers you use some pretty interesting terms to describe yourselves, but I don't see it in your blog. I'm not even sure why I read this post other than it sounded interesting: someone has a delimma, a problem to solve. Maybe I could be of help. So, I read on. As they say: content is everything.

Powdered Toast Man said...

I need someone to teach me how to properly use a semi-colon. How much do you charge per hour?