18 May 2012


And y'know what springtime means?  It means KITTENS!  And PUPPIES!  And they all want to play with me!  Really.

Yesterday one of my friends came over to use my sewing machine (I have a super-spiffy one now, it's kinda awesome).  When I went downstairs to let her in, she hadn't quite made it to my porch yet, but a lovely fluffy white husky saw me and came tearing up the steps to lick my hand and let me scratch her soft fuzzy ears.  She had heterochromia, as so many huskies do, but I've never seen a pure white one before and oh good grief I ADORE white fluffy dogs.  She didn't want to go back to her walker, either; nope, she wanted to stay with me on the porch.  Doggies love me.

More proof?  Okay.  I popped into the pet store to get some stuff for my own kittehs, and was puttering around browsing when a small brown furball with enormous ears came barreling at me.  Turned out to be a 4-month-old French bulldog (I LOVE Frenchies!  Smooshy faces and great big ears!), who promptly plopped down on my feet and let me scratch those exuberant oreilles.  Oh, and his chin.  And his belly.  And his back.  'Cause he was too damn cute not to pet all over.

Oh, and then I had to go pick up some meds for my Rullie-cat, so I popped over to the vet, only to find the receptionist cuddling a small white-footed tabby kitten.  She handed him over so she could go get Rullie's bag, and the little fluff (named Moose - very small moose, if you ask me) proceeded to lick my left arm from wrist to shoulder, nuzzling with his little wet nose all the while.
(Not Moose, but the Burrito {who looks pretty similar, and, let's face it, he's adorable})

So now I totally want more critters.  I can't afford them, and I certainly don't have room for them, but ohhhh... fuzzbabies are the best!


Stina said...

That's so sweet. It's must have been quite the sacrifice for you to hold that kitty at the vet. :D

CA Heaven said...

I guess most species of animals have figured out that spring is the best time of the year for the little ones to be born. Makes it easier to survive the first few months >:)

Cold As Heaven

ViolaNut said...

Oh yes, terrible sacrifice... ;-) And it's funny, but two of my kitties have actually been summer babies; and the stripy boy in that picture? 1 October (which is why we rescued him and his sis - early frost).

Elana Johnson said...

Cute picture! I am not as fond of animals as you. They scare me!

DMS said...

I love animals and I work part-time in a pet store. It sounds like animals know what a good soul you have. What a cute picture!