04 February 2013

Reading Monday: Book Review

Hello sweetie!!!  Dr. River Song here . . . Oh wait, nope.  Chary here bringing you my current reading list book review thingamajiggy with an additional recommendation from my nine-year-old daughter, Zionne.  With family, graduate school and work, you are probably thinking, "How does she do it?"  I have no flipping idea.  I sneak-read on my iPad as often as I can- on the train, on the bus, even on the boat.  I kid you not.  On Staten Island, we are accustomed to three forms of transportation when venturing into Manhattan.  But I digress . . . 

Just Read-
I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I made the mistake of watching the movie and then reading the book.  I was somewhat skeptical at first, however, I truly enjoyed reading this science fiction, young adult novel.  The protagonist, John and his protector, Henri are alien life forms from a planet called Lorien.  They are being chased by the Mogadorians, a barbaric alien race that has laid waste to Lorien.  John must master his emerging supernatural powers before he can claim his Legacy.

I have also read several textbooks, specializing in education law and policy, but will not give a review.  I don't want to kill you with legal and educational jargon.  :)

Currently Reading-
At my job, we decided to begin a book club.  Well, only a handful of people in our school office have joined but word will spread of all our partying and fun and they will come.  Book Club at my job, really in my office

The Between by Tananarive Due

Because I have just begun to read this science fiction novel, here is amazon.com book snippet:

When Hilton was just a boy, his grandmother sacrificed her life to save him from drowning. Thirty years later, he begins to suspect that he was never meant to survive that accident, and that dark forces are working to rectify that mistake.
When Hilton's wife, the only elected African-American judge in Dade County, FL, begins to receive racist hate mail, he becomes obsessed with protecting his family. Soon, however, he begins to have horrible nightmares, more intense and disturbing than any he has ever experienced. Are the strange dreams trying to tell him something? His sense of reality begins to slip away as he battles both the psychotic threatening to destroy his family and the even more terrifying enemy stalking his sleep. Chilling and utterly convincing, The Between follows the struggles of a man desperately trying to hold on to the people and life he loves, but may have already lost. The compelling plot holds readers in suspense until the final, profound moment of resolution.

 Zionne's pick of the week for the little kiddies is:

Sweet Farts, Book 1 by Raymond Bean  

Yes, my daughter chose a book about the expulsion of methane from one's anus.  In the words of Mrs. Puff, "Why?  Spongebob!  Why?"  However, perhaps it is a grade school thing but somehow kids just love anything that is gross!  Anywho, that is a whole other post.

This is a hilarious book about the protagonist's, Keith, adventure in finding a cure for the fart.  He endeavors on a scientific journey of discovering the conversion of a foul-smelling, noxious fume into a sweet, delectable and enticing aroma of heavenliness.  To keep it simple, he is making Sweet Farts!  My daughter highly recommends this book for individuals of all ages.  

For channel 4 news, I'm Veronica Corningstone.  Thanks for stopping by San Diego. . . Damn, can't keep up with all these personalities!  

Take care and have a great week,
Chary Perez


Camille Picott said...

I love I Am Number Four! I haven't read the latest release yet, but I've heard it's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's too funny! I remember when my kids used to bring home books like that, and we giggled and had the best time reading them!

Shaharizan Perez said...

@ Camille- Yes, I plan to read the others in the series. I really like the whole supernatural powers thing! :D

@ M. J.- Isn't it hilarious! They just seem to pick the craziest titles and run with it! :)

Lynn Proctor said...

sweet farts--reminds me of a book my grand-kids used to love to have me read to them--i think it was called "ewww that's gross" ;)

Shaharizan Perez said...

@ Lynn- yes very much so - gross! But my little one tends to gravitate to these crazy stories. :D